This is the Way

posted on August 03

This is the Way

“In two point four miles, turn left onto Smith Road….”
done…. “Drive nine miles to Highway 22 then turn right” …easy enough. 

Cruising along these picturesque country roads, I was soaking up the quiet and beauty, on my way to a special service…and I was right on schedule.   It’s a fine day.

Until….a “Road Closed Ahead” sign loomed before me. 

Oh, dear.

No worries.  My trusty GPS will keep me on track and schedule.  No need to pay attention to the “detour” signs.

“Continue on Edward Road…turn right onto Lee Lane….in .4 miles, turn right onto Steele Street…continue to Edward Road…turn right onto Lee Lane…in .4 miles, turn right onto Steele Street…. bummer, I’m going in circles. And losing precious time.

As I am instructed to keep going in circles, I explained to the GPS lady that I was no longer listening to her but was going to follow my own instincts …and the detour signs.  Can’t trick me into perpetual circling more than once! Ha!!

I finally arrived at my designation with only a few minutes to spare before the service began, a bit ticked off because I had not planned for possible delays of any kind and frustrated in being late.

After reflecting on that drama later that day, the Spirit of the Lord quietly descended upon my soul and gently reminded me of the numerous other occasions I had depended upon my own instincts and other sources of guidance that kept me going in circles…or brought me to a complete stand still.

When I find myself stuck in the chaotic, unnerving wilderness of loud noises, closed roads, unknown territory, confusing intersections, distractions of daily routine, exhaustion from grief, weariness of unanswered prayer, heavy heartaches, this scripture found its way into my lamenting heart…

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”  Isaiah 30:21

A quiet, comforting voice gently guiding me, go this way; walk in it. I long to hear that Voice.

Best GPS directions ever.

Listen, my beloved, for our Shepherd’s voice, showing us the way…let’s walk in it, together.

Cruising contently,


Kim Eller, District Lay Leader
Northern Piedmont District

This is the Way