Giving Thanks for You

posted on January 20

Giving Thanks for You

I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.
-Ephesians 1:16

Dear Friends,

My mom taught me many things. In most ways, she was a joyful, carefree child of the 1960’s, but in other ways she was a real stickler. My mom taught me about the importance of saying thank you.  She taught me not only to say thanks, but to let the giver know how the gift is useful. In addition, she taught me to always remember to thank God for the gift, too; I was brought up to thank the giver, and to thank the Giver. Twice thanked results in feeling twice blessed, too, for we are reminded that all generosity and faithfulness are prompted by the Holy Spirit.

As I reflect on our connectional giving in 2021, I literally “have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” Your faithfulness to our worldwide grace-filled connection has been immense! Here are some of the specific ways we are grateful for your fiduciary leadership in 2021, as we navigated the second calendar year of a global pandemic:

  • 135 Northern Piedmont Churches had 2021 Apportionments
  • 131 of our churches paid 100% of District Apportionments
  • 128 of our churches paid 100% of Conference Apportionments
  • Northern Piedmont churches paid 99.41% of their total District Apportionments!
  • Northern Piedmont churches paid 98.75% of their total Conference & General Church Apportionments!

You value the connection, and you value each other. And you value the work we are all doing. You have been abundantly faithful in the first missional and benevolent obligation of the local church. (United Methodist Church Book of Discipline, ¶247.14). Your gifts have been useful (Mama would want me to share) to alleviate suffering here in the Western North Carolina Conference and worldwide, provide needed resources in our very own communities, allow us the privilege of serving you full-time, and to train and encourage faithful lay and clergy leaders for the future. And so much more!

Below please find a video with words of thanks from our Bishop. All our Cabinet joins in thanking you, and in reflecting on your faithfulness with thanksgiving in our own prayer life.

We ask you to share Bishop Carter's video, as well as my heartfelt thanks, in your church newsletters, at worship, and at church leadership meetings. Please convey our gratitude as you lead into this new year. We are grateful to be partners with you in the Gospel message we share with our world. 


Rev. Bev Coppley, District Superintendent
Rev. Maria King, District Vitality Associate
Landa Wallace, District Administrator
Lynne Gilbert, District Administrator

Click on the image to play the video from Bishop Carter!

To share Bishop Carter’s message with your congregation, finance committees, and church councils, use the Youtube link to view or the Vimeo link to view and/or download the video file.

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Giving Thanks for You