Disaster Response: Flooding in Western NC

posted on August 19

WNCC Mission Engagement and the Committee on Relief are working to assess the damage to churches and communities in Western North Carolina due to flooding and winds from Tropical Storm Fred. Details are coming soon on how WNCC Emergency Response Teams can assist in disaster relief efforts. For continuing updates, and the opportunity to make online gifts, visit our conference disaster response page at: https://www.wnccumc.org/detail/disaster-response-flooding-in-western-nc-15365732.

A note from Bishop Leeland this morning:

Good morning.  Following the aftermath of Tropical Storm Fred, I have spoken with Mark Ralls and Jae Lee regarding the damage in their respective areas.  There is very little damage in the Blue Ridge District other than some flooding in the basement of one of our churches.  Jae Lee reports extensive damage in communities within his district particularly in the Canton area.  There is a strong ecumenical missional network in Canton and Jae will be meeting with them again this afternoon.  As I talked to Brian Mateer this morning, he reports we have an adequate number of flood buckets available and these have been offered.  We have assured these districts that we will help with work teams as needed.
Ben Rodgers has reached out to community leaders as we look for community disaster grants.  Brian Mateer will be on a statewide disaster community call today as well.
I would ask that you request your clergy and congregations to appeal to their congregations, both in person and those online, to provide a financial offering to assist these churches in working with their communities.  Any gifts and offerings should be sent to the conference office payable to WNCC UMC, and identified as “Tropical Storm Fred.”
I am very impressed with our superintendents who acted immediately, with Brian Mateer who continues to address the best way for us to address the needs of our districts, and for you as I have admired how quickly you reached out to each other offering support.  Thank you.
As always, I am so grateful for your leadership and ministry.
With gratitude,
Paul L. Leeland

Mailing Address for Contributions: 

Western North Carolina Conference
PO Box 2757
Huntersville, NC 28070

Make checks payable to WNCC UMC, and indicate gifts as designated for "Tropical Storm Fred".

Disaster Response Flooding in Western NC