On Hurting and Healing: Northern Piedmont’s Roll of Love and Remembrance

posted on August 02

On Hurting and Healing:
Northern Piedmont’s Roll of Love and Remembrance

Let the little children come to me; do not stop them,
for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.
                                                                                                -Mark 10:14b

I recently had the joy of spending a Sunday in one of our missional networks. The morning was devoted to the celebration of children, and the afternoon was devoted to God’s gift of healing. I found myself drawing a relationship between the two. In the church we teach children that Jesus loves them and that God is trustworthy: “Jesus loves me, this I know; for the Bible tells me so.”  We ask them to take this information at face value, internalize it, and use it as a filter for appropriating all of life’s experiences. Each time we counsel them, we remind them of their belovedness and that it is based upon scriptural truths.
As children grow, hurts happen. One of the most wonderful thing about children is that they can tell you when they are hurting. “It hurts!” It is a truly a kingdom principle to be able to name when we are hurt. In the same manner, children can tell us when they are healing. “I’m feeling better today! Can we go …?” These are some of the skills I think we should all take into Christian adulthood – the ability to name when we are hurt, and the ability to name when we are feeling better. A childlike faith, as the pastor said that Sunday, is “always open to revelation.” It can name both pain and relief, both hurt and healing.
It will be a long while before we can all collectively  say “I am feeling better today!” about the COVID-19 crisis. In addition to pandemic, it also heightened the symptoms of deeply held national division. The virus mutated into a political crisis. In my opinion, this has made some of our losses even more tragic.
You have been courageously “childlike” in sharing your losses with us, in sharing the truth that “it hurts” a lot right now to lose those we have loved and respected. For some, the losses were from the virus itself; for others, they were losses experienced in isolation, without the gestures that so often make them bearable.
Our District grieves with you right now, and we stand beside you in your losses. We thank you for naming 164 persons who have mattered very much to you. Each of them was a beloved child of God, invited to the eternal joy of resurrection life beyond the pain and struggle experienced here during this hard season. They are missed, and they will continue to be missed. To honor their memories, our District is making a $1,640 gift to UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. We will designate our gift to support Global Ministries and UMCOR’s COVID-19 Response Efforts Around the World. (Advance Offering #3022612)  
I invite you to reflect on this list, to pray for the families and the churches that are connected to these beloved children of God. Thank you for letting us be involved in their stories, and in your hurting and healing during this very difficult time.
With Love,

Bev Coppley, District Superintendent
And, the Northern Piedmont District Staff

Roll of Love and Remembrance

Fred Adkins, Julian
Ruth Anne Anderson, Madison
Irvin Gant Angel, Greensboro
Lovetta Bailey, Brown Summit
Wayne Barham, Brown Summit
Gary Franklin Bass, III, Greensboro
Minnie Beatty, High Point
Daphne Beech, High Point
Dorothy Blair, High Point
Peggy Boles, Greensboro
Iva Booker, Greensboro
Margaret Potter Bowen, High Point
Rev. Johnnie G. Boyd, High Point
Maxine Richardson Bradley, Greensboro
Loretta Broadnax, Eden
Jack P. Brown, Greensboro
John William Brown, Greensboro
Cora Lee Burke, Stokesdale
Catherine Burnett-Taylor, Greensboro
Peggy Burton, Greensboro
Benny Burton, Greensboro
Nannie Capel, High Point
Ann Causey, Greensboro
Janie Chavis, High Point
Oscar "Top" Cloninger, Brown Summit
Helen Poston Clontz, Greensboro
Seavy Collins, Greensboro
Rev. Greg Collins, Yadkin Valley District
Carolyn Brewer Cooke, Greensboro
Clay Courtney, Reidsville
Mary Hargrove Craven, Greensboro
Lucille Crawford, Greensboro
Edith Shepherd Crowder, Greensboro
Virginia Lee Causey Cudworth, Greensboro
James Richard "Dick" Cudworth, Greensboro
Joe Cuozzi, Ruffin
Jimmy Dalton, Madison
Jerome Irwin Davis, Greensboro
Emery "Buddy" Durham, Greensboro
Celia Eller, Greensboro
Joan Elizabeth Boyd Evans, Greensboro
Carol Faulkner, Greensboro
Frances Faust, High Point
Sandy Floyd, Atlanta, GA
Betty Kernodle Franks, Greensboro
Ann Gates, Greensboro
James Delmer Gentry, Sr., Stokesdale
Roscoe Gilmore, High Point
Michael Goad, Mayodan
Sally Goin, Greensboro
Fred Kemp Gordon, Greensboro
Laverne Grant, Greensboro
Betty Gray, Brown Summit
Otis Griffin, Stokesdale
Gene Gunter, Archdale
Rev. Ray Hahn, Greensboro
Elizabeth Lee Yoder Harris, Greensboro
Barbara Matthews Harward, Greensboro
Velma Hauser, Greensboro
Mickie Hendricks, Greensboro
Ed Hennings, Greensboro
Mary Hilda Hix, Greensboro
Pauline Chrismon Holt, Brown Summit
Mike Honeycutt, Greensboro
Herbert Hooper, Brown Summit
Oliver Hoskins, Randleman
Flynn E. Hudson, III, Greensboro
Betty Jo Welch Hull, Greensboro
Tom P. James, Jr., Odessa, TX
Ashley Simpson James, Jr., Greensboro
Teresa Johnson, Reidsville
Fern Johnson, Greensboro
James Johnson, High Point
Chance Joiner, Madison
Wayne Jones, Brown Summit
Doris Hill Kiel, Greensboro
Elsie Knickles, Greensboro
James Madison Light, Jr., Greensboro
Gary Malloy, Madison
David Wayne Malloy, Madison
Ruth Maness, Brown Summit
JoAnn Marsh, Greensboro
Martha Jean Patton Maulden, Greensboro
Willie Mae McClain, High Point
Lee McKinney, Summerfield
Pat McLamb, Brown Summit
Florine McNew, Greensboro
Helen Peden Medlin, Greensboro
Herman David Middleton, Sr., Greensboro
Gladys Varner Mingia, Greensboro
Bobby Mitchell, Jamestown
Deborah Morgan, Greensboro
Ernistine Muhhamed, Madison
David "Buddy" Mullis, Brown Summit
Denise Brinkley Muncy, Greensboro
Kenneth Harold Murray, Jamestown
John Newsome, Greensboro
Linda Nickles, Brown Summit
Frank Nobels, Randleman
Paula Joyce Davis Nuckles, Greensboro
Gail Barnes Oglesby, Greensboro
Ann Overbey, Greensboro
Emil Overdiep, Greensboro
Miriam Pacquin, Greensboro
Henrietta R. Parrish, Greensboro
Katherine Engle Wimbish Paschal, Greensboro
David H. Patton, Greensboro
Deanna Payne, Stokesdale
Rachel Payne, Stokesdale
Burton Pegram, Brown Summit
Jackie Phillips, Greensboro
Joseph Wade Powell, Eden
Mary Frances Price, Randleman
Charles Price, Randleman
John Prine, Nashville, TN
Chris Puckett, Greensboro
Royce Oscar Reynolds, Greensboro
Vonda Richardson, High Point
Marine Ritter, Greensboro
Loren Edward Rudolf, Greensboro
Reva Ann Elbertson Sahli, Greensboro
Tina Ann Gallant Sax, Greensboro
Ron Scott, Brown Summit
Loree Shelton, Brown Summit
Jean Shropshire, Madison
Gene Sigmon, Newton
Mary Ann Mitchell Sikes, Greensboro
Thomas Simmons, III, High Point
Kay Skow, Madison
Jimmy Sloan, Brown Summit
Charles Smith, Greensboro
Carol Smith, Greensboro
Ruth Smith, Greensboro
Walter "Wayne" Smithey, Greensboro
Eldred Sparks, Reidsville
Joyce Ellen Stewart, Reidsville
Alice Elizabeth Stokes, Greensboro
Caroline Stott, Elon
Benjamin Striblin, Randleman
Bobby Summers, Brown Summit
Virginia Clarke Swanson, Greensboro
Marie Whitehurst Swiggett, Greensboro
Larry Swindell, Greensboro
Ginny Taylor, Greensboro
Jack E. Thomas, Sr., Greensboro
Patricia Hughes Troxler, Greensboro
Jerry Lamont Troxler, Greensboro
Archie Lee Tucker, Madison
Hetty Cox Turkel, Greensboro
Luvenia Turner, Greensboro
David Wagoner, Brown Summit
Malcolm Warren, Kernersville
Connie Waters, Lawton, OK
Alexander Watson, Greensboro
Bettie Weatherly, Pleasant Garden
Bette Weatherly, Reidsville
Doris Powell Webster, Madison
Sergio White, Winston-Salem
Shirley White, Kernersville
Skip Williams, Greensboro
David Lemont Wright, Thomasville
Dorothy Grace Pike Yeager, Greensboro
Frank York, Greensboro
Jane Johnson Young, Elon

On Hurting and Healing Northern Piedmonts Roll of Love and Remembrance
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