Updates on COVID Vaccine Rates & Local Availability

posted on July 21

Hi Friends,
I hope your week is going well, and that in this summer season you have enjoyed good time with family and at church. It’s beautiful to gather again; may we never take it for granted!
Thank you for your faithfulness and your interest in the well-being of your neighbors, as you have beautifully navigated these hard times as congregations.  
Below please find some recent updates related to COVID vaccine rates and local availability. We urge you to “love your neighbor as yourself” in all ways. Continue to guard your health and care for others.
Blessings of Peace and Health,

Rev. Beverly B. Coppley
District Superintendent
& Chief Missional Strategist

July 21, 2021

Faith Leaders,

In its effort to provide all with access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) is partnering with Piedmont Triad Regional Council Area Agency on Aging (PTRC AAA) to provide free COVID-19 vaccinations to people with limited mobility who cannot leave their home. This new initiative expands PTRC AAA’s successful local at-home vaccination program to communities across the state.
Caregivers, providers, or individuals may access the program by calling the At-Home Vaccination Hotline at 866-303-0026 at any time or by visiting www.ptrc.org/covid and filling out the registration form.
Within three business days, a PTRC Vaccination Specialist will connect with the individual to schedule their at-home vaccination. 
There is increasing urgency for people to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as the highly contagious Delta variant is rapidly spreading in North Carolina. Clinical trials among thousands of people have proven that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective for anyone age 12 and over. All protect against severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19, including the Delta variant. More than 160 million Americans have been safely vaccinated.
As always, we rely on you as a trusted messenger to help spread the word about access to COVID-19 vaccination.
Thank you for all you do,

Carla West
Senior Director for Economic Security
North Carolina State Child Support Director
Division of Social Services, Economic and Family Services, Child Support Services
NC Department of Health and Human Services
Office:  919-855-4405
Mobile: 919-971-0605

Updates on COVID Vaccine Rates Local Availability