A House of Healing

posted on March 09

My favorite part of “The Lord of the Rings” literary work did not make it in the movie. I was quite bummed to invest in the lengthy movies and not have my favorite part played out on film.  When I read the House of Healing journey in the book, I found great relief to find a place for healing when you battle forces of hate and fear. This house did not just heal the individual, yet heals everyone together as a community of hope.

In our current day, we do not prioritize holding and healing wounds in our daily lives as humans.  Culture views injuries as failures and not marks of love in action. I have come to realize life’s authentic healing will not appear in the movie version. Our journey's depth is not flashy or apparent to human sight, much less the movie lens. As a House of Healing in today’s world, we are called not to be a blockbuster film, yet the daily reality of Jesus’ sacrifice.  Culture tells us to hide, while Jesus asks us to unbind the chains and bandages for love to seep in.

The church‘s call has always been to be a House of Healing.  Jesus healed and saved the world with his life, and now in 2021, we should hold brokenness with the same hope.  For love comes to redeem and not condemn. Love heals slowly and deeply if we only can be brave enough and patient enough to let go of fear and let love soak in.

Our world has been broken for generations and we need to stop the cycles of trauma to begin our healing. Our communities are called to be a place where wounds are not ignored.  Healing is brokenness honored, held, and soaked in love. Today we are called to be present to the wounds within us and around us to begin the healing journey.

WE can be a House of Healing ….

  • each time we break bread together and acknowledge our brokenness
  • with each space where vulnerability is honored and stories are valued
  • when mental health and grief are declared holy
  • when a leveled pathway of vaccination and voting are paved
  • when we acknowledge hate and become accountable toward visible love of neighbor

Questions to ask now as disciples:

  • How will you be a house of healing yourself?
  • Will you take the time to start the process of healing wounds within and walk with neighbors along the way?
  • How will your church be the place where fear and hate have no power?
  • How will your church take the time it needs to be redeemed from trauma?
  • How can you make room for brokenness to be the beginning of a more profound love?

We all are looking for our house of healing, so let us take the time to heal. Let us restore love, mercy, and justice as our way in the world.

Rev. Maria King, Vitality Associate
Northern Piedmont District

A House of Healing
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