Updated Gathering Recommendations from WNCC Cabinet

posted on October 05

Dear Friends,
Linked and shown below you will find some updated gathering recommendations from our WNCC Cabinet. We are staying faithful to North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) guidelines, which are also attached. 
We hope this will help your transition teams make any desired amendments for the coming weeks. We encourage you to do what’s best for your congregation and your location at this time. Please continue online worship, too. It will be crucial for so many, and you will want to have it to fall back upon in the event we all have to change course, as other countries are unfortunately experiencing right now due to increased cases, new complications, etc.
I continue to remain deeply concerned about COVID-19, and I trust you will be good stewards of your own health and the health of those you are entrusted to shepherd. Please hold all who are suffering in your prayers. 
I am enjoying your online presence and will continue to participate. I pray for your stamina, perseverance, and most of all, wisdom. 
Health and Peace, 
Bev Coppley 


Updated Gathering Recommendations from WNCC Cabinet
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