Updated Guidelines for In-Person Worship & Ministry during COVID-19

posted on September 08


Dear Friends,
As you may have already seen on the Conference Website, we have published some updated recommendations about in-person worship during COVID-19. The information, in full, can be found here.
I find myself encouraged by these recommendations, and also prayerful as we come out of the holiday weekend. My prayer is that the moving about and gathering that may have been done over Labor Day does not increase our number of infections. I continue to pray for the health of our college students and for the well-being of all who are feeling the burden of these difficult times. Thank you for your resilience as spiritual leaders in your local churches and communities; we have witnessed your good work in numerous ways over these past weeks and months. 

I also feel led to send you a helpful document that you might use to take a very close look at your church building and property. Whether these new recommendations allow you to begin in-person indoor worship, or if they simply allow for larger group meetings, we feel it is very important that you inspect your church carefully at this time. I realize that your Trustees have likely been in your buildings each week, checking systems, flushing toilets, and checking for any new developments that may be missed since the buildings have not been used as often. 
I feel this inspection sheet is helpful as you move ever closer to becoming active inside the building again. Now is the time to continue working with your Transition Team, but also to work especially with all Trustees to be sure that the building is in good shape when gatherings begin again. I hope you will find this checklist helpful, and I credit Wesley Community Development for their good work in developing it. I appreciate them sharing it with us for your use. Click here to download it.
As always, we are here for you. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for being active outside the building all these months! You have not ceased to be in meaningful ministry for Jesus; you've just been able to do it without gathering in a building! We applaud you! 
Rev. Bev Coppley
District Superintendent

Updated Guidelines for InPerson Worship Ministry during COVID19