Living with Joy!

posted on July 12

The apostle Paul ministered at Philippi during his second missionary journey, spending about three months in the city. Paul did not write Philippians in response to a crisis, as he did with Galatians and Colossians. Instead, he wrote to express his appreciation and affection for the Philippian believers. Paul’s affection for these people is clear throughout the letter as he encouraged them to live out their faith in joy and unity. Paul’s joy at the mere thought of the Philippian church is undeniable in the letter, and it’s that same joy that he wanted the recipients to possess as well.

To lead the Philippians to this truth, Paul took them directly to Jesus, teaching them that a community of believers living in harmony with one another comes only through mutual humility modeled after the Savior. Paul wrote that he poured out his life as an offering for the sake of Christ, leading him to find great joy and contentment in Christ’s service. His letter to the Philippians showed them that by centering their lives on Christ, they, too, might live in true joy, experience true joy in all circumstances, in suffering as Christ suffered, in service, in believing, in giving.

This just may be such a time to read this letter to the Philippians, to listen for Jesus as He reminds us of these truths and to encourage us in these uncertain times.  
In joy, serve, believe, give, and yes, suffer if necessary. Allow the joy and peace found in Christ to keep us in harmony with God’s people.
Swinging with joy and love,

Kim Eller
Northern Piedmont District Lay Leader

Living with Joy