Northern Piedmont COVID-19 Update - March 20, 2020

posted on March 19

Graceful Contact
Dear Friends,
Communication and contact among people has never been easy and there is always room to grow to communicate better. We have different ways of expression with sharing meaning and processing information.  So, let’s give ourselves a break right now as we learn a new way of ministry. Christ represented a posture of hospitality and openness when engaging a message. Now we must always start with an open mind and heart in our preparation, listening, and contact in any form.
The Northern Piedmont District is offering several local resources to support your way of communication in order to do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God. Today we want to introduce to Courtney and Carter!

As always, the District Staff is here for you with any conversation or communication we need to engage together. 
Blessings to us all as we offer a witness of graceful contact.


Online Resources for Your Local Church

We have added a COVID-19 Resources page to our Northern Piedmont District website which will be updated frequently to give you links to useful information and resources for your local church. It will point you to district, conference, and other resources. Check it out! Topic categories so far include:

  • Virtual / Online / Live-Streaming / Communication Resources
  • Online Giving Resources
  • Missional Network / Community Resources
  • Bible Study / Other Resources
  • United Methodist Church Resources
  • And, more! 

The Western North Carolina Conference is adding resources to the conference website, even daily, during the time of rapid change:

From our District Lay Leader, Kim Eller

Just a bit more than a speck…then fat and sassy…then a shroud…and THEN, shazam!! a new and transformed life!!  The mysterious life of the beautiful butterfly…how I love their life journey, for it’s a constant reminder of my spiritual life’s journey. It is a reminder needed especially now in pertinent times like these.  With the temporary closing of our beloved church services we find ourselves shrouded in dismay, disconnection, and despair.  But just look at our clergy, bringing us The Light, The Good News, in creative, innovative ways!! 

Technology was created for just such a time as this!!  We had church anyway with fresh, interesting connections! And we continue to have church because of your faithfulness and diligence…your laity has taught you well, clergy! 

The shroud of the caterpillar is an imperative process and without it, we would have no beautiful butterflies. So it is with our spiritual journey.  Soon we will break forth from this shroud and fly!  Beautiful, strong, renewed. Enjoy the flight!!
Thank you, our beloved clergy. 
Kim Eller, Northern Piedmont District Lay Leader


Northern Piedmont COVID19 Update March 20 2020