What makes you proud to #BeUMC?

#BeUMC honors the core values that connect the people of The United Methodist Church (The UMC). This grassroots campaign, built upon powerful stories of congregations and people living their faith, celebrates what draws us to The UMC and what we aspire to be.

The UMC is founded on a Wesleyan theology of grace, anchored in Scripture, and based in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the continuing movement of the Holy Spirit.

Share your story! The full story of The UMC reflects all of our interwoven experiences. Consider our common roots and your answer to the question, “Why am I United Methodist?” Then, post a video, photo or written testimony on your preferred social media platform – don’t forget to use the hashtag #BeUMC.

Learn more about #BeUMC, and share with your congregation and beyond!

  • #BeUMC Resource Page on UMC.ORG
  • #BeUMC Discussion Guide (PDF) - In these pages, you will find a series of guides
    intended to help individuals and groups think through what it means to be United Methodist—to
  • #BeUMC Messaging - Four themes and a series of core values will help you share why you are United Methodist and what makes you optimistic for the future as we move toward becoming a more perfect Church.
  • #BeUMC Toolkit for Leaders - More about the four themes, graphics, tips and tools, worship and preaching resources, social media ideas, and more. Coming soon...discussion guide.
  • Our Bishops and #BeUMC - The #BeUMC campaign is consistent with our United Methodist Bishops’ “A Narrative for the Continuing United Methodist Church,” adopted in November 2021. Together we share our excitement, enthusiasm and hopes for the future of The United Methodist Church.