2018 Charge Conferences


Click here for a downloadable PDF of these instructions.


The business of charge conferences this fall will again be held in each local church/charge. (Note: The Missional Network Gatherings will be celebrations of ministry ONLY; no local church business will be conducted at those gatherings.)


  • Helping to Lead the Way! - The Northern Piedmont District is one of two districts participating this fall in a pilot program for our conference to move toward fully online submission of charge conference forms & reports. In that new system, all of our Northern Piedmont District charge conference forms & reports (reports required in advance, and final forms & reports) will be submitted by uploading them to a unique web page just for your local church.
  • Special Charge Conference Reporting Email Invitation Coming Your Way - We will be sending a special invitation email that will include a “Link to FormVite” link that will connect you to the unique page for your local church where you will submit charge conference reports. Complete instructions will be found on that page; the process is very straight-forward.
  • You will still download the PDF forms from the administrative services website, and separately complete the online forms for clergy compensation and the LCLCL (Local Church Leadership Contact List). All final, signed forms & reports, including printed copies of the clergy compensation & LCLCL reports, will be part of the final online submission of your charge conference work.

Charge Conference Forms: www.wnccadmin.org/ConfDocuments.cfm

Charge Conference forms are expected to be ready for download from the conference administrative services website (www.wnccadmin.org) by September 1st. (Note: The downloadable forms have been updated as of August 15, 2018, but the online clergy compensation & LCLCL areas are not expected to be functional for 2019 information until approximately September 1st.) Begin by downloading and reviewing the following:  Agenda & Minutes for Charge Conference, and Charge Conference Checklist. 

You may schedule your Charge Conference for your local church where you will complete the business items of Charge Conference in this manner:

  • DEADLINE:  All local Charge Conferences must be held by Monday, November 5, 2018All required Charge Conference reports, forms, and required minutes must be completed, signed, uploaded, and submitted, in the format instructed, BY THE EARLIER OF:  (1) two weeks after the date of your charge conference, or (2) Tuesday, November 6, 2018. All final, signed charge conference forms & reports must be uploaded and submitted online, per the online instructions, by November 6, 2018.

  • REPORTS REQUIRED TEN (10) DAYS IN ADVANCE:  For this year, only the following reports will be required to be submitted ten (10) days in advance of the local church charge conference date. The ten (10) days in advance submission will also be done online as indicated above.
    • Clergy Compensation Report for 2019 & Charge Conference Clergy Benefits Summary for 2019 (draft, unsigned, that will be proposed to the charge conference)
  • You may schedule your local church/charge conference for a date and time of your choosing, provided that your scheduled date will allow you to meet the November 5th deadline.  Please send an email to Lynne Gilbert (lgilbert@wnccumc.org) providing the date, time and name of the presiding elder for your planned charge conference. When we receive your request, we will send you the charge conference authorization letter. IMPORTANT: We need your request for charge conference authorization by September 1st.

  • Elders in local churches will just need to choose a date & time, and send that information to Lynne so that we can provide you with an authorization letter.

  • Provisional Elders and Local Pastors will need to have an elder assigned and authorized to preside over your local Charge Conference. If you know an elder in your area or in your missional network that would be available to preside for your charge conference, please make contact with that elder to coordinate the date & time with them before you advise our office. In your email request to Lynne, include the date, time and name of the elder that you have arranged to preside, so that we can provide you with an authorization letter.  If you need help with suggestions for arranging for an elder to preside, contact the district office at 336-282-3711.
  • If your church has particular issues where having the District Superintendent preside would be the most helpful, that also needs to be coordinated with the district office.
  • We have to have time in our office to process the Charge Conference reports, so the November 6th deadline is required for all churches. All reports must be complete and submitted online, in the format instructed, by that date.
  • Important Notes about Charge Conference Forms & Reports:
    1. Be sure that all of your reports have ALL of the required signatures.
    2. As you work on online Local Church Leadership Contact List (LCLCL), it is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide accurate & complete contact information. We especially need email addresses for all of your church leaders who have email. Information is shared by email at various times with different groups of leaders. Please make special efforts to get email address information. We hope to get email addresses for all of your leaders who have email, but we especially need email addresses for the following offices:  Lay Leader, Pastor Parish Relations Chairperson (or a PPRC contact person if on a multi-point charge), Finance Chairperson, Treasurer.  For those four offices, if the actual leader does not have an email, it would be helpful if they could have another person with email to agree to receive email on their behalf. It could be another committee member, or church council member, etc. 
    3. NOTE:  Every entry in the LCLCL must be edited & updated so that the “Checked” column has YES next to every entry. Then you can click on “PRINT” on that same menu bar, and generate the report that is required to be submitted with when you upload your final charge conference reports.
    4. In addition to the online LCLCL information, please include a complete list of your local church leadership that shows both officers and members of the various committees/teams in your final charge conference reports that get submitted online.
  • 2018 Charge Conferences
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