2018 Northern Piedmont Lay Servant Training

posted on January 05

To Pastors, Lay Leaders, Lay Servants and Lay Servant Prospects:

The Northern Piedmont District invites you to participate in our Spring 2018 Lay Servant Training School. Lay Servants can serve local churches or charges in a variety of ways, where their witness or leadership and service inspires the laity to deeper commitment to Christ and more effective discipleship. Our Northern Piedmont District 2018 Lay Servant Training will be held at Guilford College United Methodist Church, 1205 Fleming Road, Greensboro, NC on the following dates and times. Please plan to attend all four class sessions. 

Saturday, February 24, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm 
Sunday, February 25, 2:30 to 5:30 pm 
Saturday, March 3, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm 
Sunday, March 4, 2:30 to 6:30 pm.   

Here are links to complete information & the registration form:

We will offer two Basic Course classes designed for adults. There will be eight advanced courses offered. See course descriptions below:

Basic Lay Servant Course  (Limited to 12 participants)  This required orientation focuses on the three primary aspects of lay speaking ministry; leading, caring and communicating. It is designed for lay leaders and any persons in leadership roles.  Course led by Patricia Wiseman, Etta Marcellus, Mitchell Matthews and Dee Davis.

Advanced Courses:
  • Biblical Interpretation (Limited to 12 participants) This advanced course is designed to help lay servants become versed in how to teach and lead Bible study.  Course led by Rev. Pat Dixon and Anna Raleigh.
  • Justice in Everyday Life (Limited to 12 participants)  A look at the social principles of the United Methodist Church.  Course led by Phyllis Dudley and Melissa Thompson. 
  • Preaching (Limited to 12 participants)  Designed for lay leaders, pastors and student pastors who have not completed formal preaching training, pastors seeking a basic refresher course, and others who are called upon to preach.  Course led by Nancy Jimerson and Chris Herbin.
  • Leading Missional Small Groups (Limited to 12 participants)  Teaches the Wesleyan way to form missional communities and congregations.  Based on the conviction that just as holiness of heart leads to holiness of life, it is communities of holy love that participate in God’s mission in the world. Course led by Kim Eller & Edd Bigham. 
  • Concepts in Leadership I (Limited to 12 participants)  Designed to prepare church leaders to focus on their roles as spiritual leaders and to function as role models for others in the congregation. Course led by Tim Shepherd & Jackie Kerr.
  • Leading in Worship (Limited to 12 participants)  Focuses on the ministry of the lay servant who either regularly or occasionally leads a group or congregation in worship.  Course led by Kimberly Clarke & Bonnie Burkett.
  • Caring for Congregation & Community (Limited to 12 participants) Offers insights into the life span and dynamics of contemporary life to help church leaders reach out with God’s love and care to others. Course led by Ruth Williamson and Betty Durham.
  • Living United Methodist Beliefs (Limited to 12 participants)   Explores the special gifts of theology, witness, and organization that The United Methodist Church brings to the church universal, how we got where we are today, and how our distinctive emphases are still needed in the 21st century. Course led by Shirley Warren & Joe Grady.  
Questions? Contact Peggy Johnson, Registrar, at 336-259-9841 or pwjohnson@northstate.net

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Peggy Johnson, Registrar
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